We transform your IDEAS step by step to your PUBLICATIONS

MedSciCare supports you to determine if appropriate resources (patient population, personnel, financial, and regulatory requirements) are available for a successfull completion of a trial. If required, clinicians and sponsors can be connected with each other.

We can support you with

  • assessing feasibility of investigational sites regarding personnel and infrastructure
  • calculating required study participants
  • estimating costs to finance your project
  • establishing contingency plans
  • finding funding opportunities
  • regulatory requirements
  • registrating a trial
  • writing an agreement between investigator and sponsor

MedSciCare supports you in all stages essential before the study can be started.

Count on our professional support when it comes to

  • strategic planning of the clinical trial
  • a specific scientific question you need reliably answered
  • setting up a study proposal
  • the submission to the ethics/institutional review board.
  • setting up a clinical study protocol
  • setting a proper study aim
  • setting a proper study hypothesis
  • sample size calculation
  • randomization
  • setting up proper patient information
  • setting up proper patient informed consent
  • setting up proper case report forms (CRF)
  • creating trial-related documents
  • establishing a data base
  • finding a study assistant
  • finding a study monitor
  • registrating the study
  • statistical analysis plans
  • managing and setting up national and international multicenter trials

MedSciCare supports you from the beginning to the end of the non-pharmaceutical clinical trial.

Our support includes

  • trainings of study assistants and investigators
  • help with data collection, entry, and source data verification
  • study protocol modifications
  • the assistance to meet regulatory requirements (e.g. adverse event reporting; safety reports)
  • any scientific question regarding the ongoing trial that needs to be reliably answered

MedSciCare successfully supports you when it comes to data management after data collection.

Benefit from our long-term expertise when it comes to

  • data capturing
  • data import and export
  • data extraction
  • dealing with missing values
  • data preparation for statistical analyses

MedSciCare especially supports you with data analysis and easy to understand statistical consulting.

Find help regarding

  • data review and simplification
  • handling missing values
  • statistical analysis
  • scientifically sound interpretation and reporting of results

MedSciCare supports you with the preparation of any scientific text.

We offer support for scientific publications (e.g. papers, manuscripts, abstracts, posters, lectures,…) regarding

  • editing to enhance comprehensibility
  • translation from German to English
  • formating according to journals’ requirements
  • citation and bibliography
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