Who we support

Busy surgeons/clinicians/physicians, who need

  • to review their practical work (hospital or practice) to improve continuously
  • quick answers to specific questions, which need to be investigated and answered by research
  • help to perform complex and time-consuming studies
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Companies, who need

  • to outsource research projects
  • to be connected to principal investigators
  • data to be analysed
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What we do

MedSciCare supports trial investigators in all stages of non-pharmaceutical trials in almost all major therapeutic areas especially including surgical research with professional experience.

Our flexibility allows us to accommodate all procedures to your requirements and preferences.

We support small ‘stand-alone’ parts and simple, but essential scientific questions, as well as complete study projects from ideas to publications.

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Who we are

MedSciCare was founded by Mag.2 Brenda Laky, PhD3 (CV; ORCID; ResearchGate; Xing; LinkedIn).

As a medical scientist, she has been designing and conducting studies for many years in various fields including nutrition, orthopedics, gynecology, dentistry, and cancer research. Her experiences involve all stages of a study, which she gathered working in hospitals, laboratories, as well as with national and international universities.

Her specialty is her ability to support surgeons/clinicians/physicians with her analytical thinking from the idea via the much-feared statistical analysis to the publication.

Dr. Brenda Laky is surrounded by a team5 of experts with long-term experiences in conducting studies in various medical fields.

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